Reality definitely sometimes "bites," to refer to the original title of Ben Stiller's film from '94, which for unknown reasons to this day is called Orbiting without sugar in Polish. No wonder, then, that filmmakers have been trying to sugarcoat it a bit—for a long time and in various ways. Cinema seems to be an ideal medium for this, equipped with a whole range of genres, narrative tricks and means to create different worlds, stories, adventures and identities. And at a time when we are flooded with information about new crises, scandals and problems, this eternal escapist function of film, allowing one to get away and immerse oneself in completely new realities, seems to be extremely attractive and useful. It is additionally intensified by a ubiquitous virtuality, which distorts the division between what is fictional and what has been regarded as true so far. Creative power, self-creation, inventing, conceit and bending reality to our will are just some of the themes we want to look at in the new thematic section of this year's festival. And although it may sound broad and relative, we deliberately do not have the ambition of ultimately defining either what is to be understood by reality, or the process of inventing it. In addition, as the films we have chosen clearly show, these categories quite often tend to get out of control.

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