The title, taken from the hit song, is a pretext and a starting point for us to reflect on the many faces of contemporary masculinity. We will not consider it in terms of marriage potential, or by duplicating the stereotypical categories used for centuries to assess and evaluate men, or to exclude those who don’t conform to the archetypal macho image. Instead, we have decided to look at alternative models of masculinity. At a time defined by ubiquitous discussions about masculinity in crisis, as well as a transformation of the social and cultural reality and the blurring of previously rigid gender binaries, this topic is extremely important. And most importantly, it inspires filmmakers to ask a variety of questions and search for answers about the role, function and place of men on the modern moral map. It’s changing before our very eyes as a result of the "#metoo" and "#timesup" movements, just to name a few, as well as the many social and political scandals exposing the toxicity of traditionally understood masculinity. Films presented in this special themed section of this year’s Mastercard OFF CAMERA festival don’t claim to create a single, universal model of masculinity. On the contrary, they show men who differ in race, class, sexuality and gender position. At the same time, they invite the audience to take a fascinating and sometimes surprising journey, regardless of expectations or accepted cultural norms.

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