The Most Beautiful Couple
Das schönste Paar 2018 97 min.
fot. kadr z filmu

It’s hard to put a label on Sven Taddicken’s film, since it teeters between a psychological drama centred on an attempt to cope with serious trauma and a suspenseful revenge thriller. The beginning might bring to mind Michael Haneke’s Funny Games: three young men break into the apartment of a couple, both teachers, spending their holiday in Mallorca. A brutal sexual assault takes place. But the director doesn’t focus on what happens right after the tragic event; he cuts to two years later in Germany, when Liv and Malte's lives seems to be getting back to normal. They both have done a lot of therapy, giving them a chance to leave behind the events of the past—especially for Liv. For Malte, it’s much harder, especially since one night he accidentally spots one of the attackers. Taddicken builds his film around two powerful performances by Luise Heyer and Maximilian Brückner. It’s because of them, to a large extent, that’s we’re compelled to ask ourselves this question: How much are we willing do for the ones we love?

Sven Taddicken

Sven Taddicken


Sven Taddicken


Daniela Knapp


Éric Neveux


Luise Heyer, Maximilian Brückner, Leonard Kunz, Jasna Fritzi Bauer


Germany, France

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