Float Like a Butterfly
Float Like a Butterfly 2018 101 min.
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The plot of the second film by Irish director Carmel Winters takes us back to the 1960s. The main character, Frances, has had to become independent very quickly, since she grew up for the most part without parents—her mother died when she was little, and her father ended up in prison. By the time he’s released, Frances is already an independent teenager with a clear plan for her future. She wants to box and to become a great champion one day, like her idol, the legendary American fighter Muhammad Ali. It’s not just the culture of gender stereotyping that stands in her way, but also her father, who has a weakness for alcohol. He’s convinced that a woman’s role is limited to being a good wife and mother, that fighting should be left to men. Float Like a Butterfly is a perfect female version of Stephen Daldry’s excellent Billy Elliot. A universal story about the need to fight for your dreams and to challenge stereotypes that aren’t easy to overcome. A wonderfully intense performance of Hazel Doupe in the role of Frances is not to be missed.      

Carmel Winters

Carmel Winters


Carmel Winters


Michael Lavelle


Hazel Doupe, Dara Devaney, Johnny Collins, Hilda Fay, Jamie Kierans



Toronto IFF - FIPRESCI Prize; Cork IFF - Audience Award
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