Where to find us? – Practical information

During the Mastercard OFF CAMERA Festival, Cracow literally becomes the capital of independent film – due to the rich repertoire, full of productions from all over the world as well as the reach of the Festival which simultaneously takes place in numerous well- and less-known, and sometimes totally surprising locations. This year, the Festival’s headquarters are located in the Czeczotka Palace (ul. Św. Anny 2) where the roads from all twelve cinemas, both open air and traditional, lead. The Festival Center is located in a place which existed on the map of Cracow long before the first film was made – already in the year 1564. Erazm Czeczotka, the first owner of the incredible palace, was the mayor of Cracow and an influential nobleman, valued by the greatest European rulers of his time. On top of that, he was also a very colorful figure who became the subject of two legends – one of a genius entrepreneur, and the second one of blood-hungry Casanova (what’s interesting, he died while having a bath with two women). His building used to house a lavish public bath which seamlessly passed into a grand room where food was served. Today the same space, although renovated and transformed countless times, is still alive. It houses i.a. Cracow’s oldest restaurant, operating without interruption since 1876.

The Festival cinemas operate in equally fascinating locations. We will invite our audience both to old, cult cinema halls (i.e. Kino Pod Baranami), as well as modern buildings where film meets other arts (i.e. Małopolski Ogród Sztuki), or urban rooftops and waters. Below, we present a list of all cinemas and open-air locations for you to visit during Mastercard OFF CAMERA:

Academy of Theatre Arts (ul. Straszewskiego 21/22) Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (ul. Rajska 12) Kino Pod Baranami (Rynek Główny 27) Kino Kijów.Centrum (al. Zygmunta Krasińskiego 34) Alvernia Planet (ul. Ferdynanda Wspaniałego 1) Józef Czapski Pavillion Facade (ul. Józefa Piłsudskiego 12)

BOAT CINEMA: Kino Nimfa (Czerwieński boulevard)

ROOFTOPS: Herbowo – Zielone Tarasy (al. Juliusza Słowackiego 64) MCK Kino Panorama (Rynek Główny 25) Hotel Rubinstein (ul. Szeroka 12)

FREE OPEN AIR SCREENINGS: Kino na Placu Szczepańskim Kino nad Wisłą