Adding concerts to a film festival is almost like playing a soundtrack to festival events. Each day filled with screenings ends with concerts held at ‘ZetPeTe’, the festival club. Our audience will have the chance to experience a series of incredible meetings with artists who define the sound of alternative music.

The Off Scene surprises with its diversity. In the program, we include a cross-section of musical genres – from rock and rap to electronic music. Well-known and acclaimed international musical projects are confronted with the works of fresh, new independent artists. This becomes a space for experiments and source of inspiration for both sides. The unique vibe of the ‘TYTANO’ industrial complex will let you feel the urban energy even more and will capture you for sure.

Every year, the Off Scene welcomes some 100 musicians. We play three concerts every day, but the scene is first and foremost a meeting place – for artists with their fans, musicians and filmmakers, and artists with other artists. Inspiring late-night conversations about music, art and film are held as music plays. We would like to invite everyone to participate, and especially those who love live music and are in search of fresh new sounds.

Artists, who performed on the Off Scene so far:

Dillon, Sleep Party People, Roo Panes, When Saints Go Machine, Goan Dogs, Cristobal and the Sea, Rosko John, John J Presley, Ivy and Gold, The Golden Filter, Peter Broderick, Lazy Habits, We were evergreen, Papyllon, The City of Sun, Phoria, Sonia Stain, Michelle Gurevich, Prides, Arms and Sleepers, Flunk, Bite the Buffalo, Jay Leighton, Mark McGowan, Grasscut, Jono McCleery

[PL] Kortez, Buslav, Reni Jusis, Sonbird, Basch, Tomasz Makowiecki, Marcelina, Sjon, SoundQ,  Stefan Wesołowski, Teddy Jr, L.Stadt, Cinamon, Trupa Trupa, Zimowa, Bemy, Twilite, We Call it Sound, The Natural Born Chillers, Pawilon Zwierząt, Patrick The Pan, Kubaterra, Leski, Seeme, Elements, The Fruitcakes, Gipsy and the Acid Queen, Seals, Snowman, Bajzel, Babu Król, Atlas Like, Adre'n'aline, Hatti Vatti, Misia Furtak, Far Weither Friends, Joga, Lilly Hates Roses, Król, Bobby The Unicorn. Magnificent Muttley, Erick Showed Them In His Pocket.