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Kinga Majchrzak: I’m wondering… I think you have an answer for a question which really prepossesses me or at least you can give me a hint.

Joseph Mawle: Yes?

KM: Who will sit on an iron throne? (laughing)

JM: (laughing) I really don’t know!

KM: How many times have you heard a question like that?

JM: So far… I don’t know, a number of times.

KM: Ok, so let’s start from the beginning. Your story of becoming an actor wasn’t  easy.

JM: I think anybody’s story becoming an actor is easy.

KM: But your story in particular wasn’t. You had been working really hard on a building site, on a farm… How all these things influenced on your way of acting?

JM: That’s not the question of sitting around, dreaming about the job. The question is going about discovering and learning things. Experiencing things.

KM: But you had to be really determined. Where did you find the power to do it?

JM: Because there is nothing else I can do.

KM: But thanks to this power you became a part of the cast of „Game of thrones”. What is your feeling of being a part of a huge project like that?

JM: It was a wonderful thing to be a part of that and it is a real privilege to be a part of something that becomes successful. But it doesn’t matter if the budget is 180 milion or 50 000 pounds. Every character is the same - I care about them all. I care about all characters that I’m gonna play. So for me the experience is actually not that different. It’s just about when you have a good relationship with people on the set and on „Game of thrones” we had really great relationship. That was really close and family orientated and David and Dan [David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, editorial note] are real guys, very down to Earth, very kind and thoughtful, brilliant writer. We’re just really nice crowd of people.

KM: Did you know from the very beginning that it will be so successful?

JM: I don’t think that anybody knows of any show is gonna be  successful. One always hope’s is to get the audience and you gonna continue the story to its finish which in the case of „Game of thrones” that taken a lot to do that. I’ve been able to do that, because of you - the public’s - saying it is freed of luck for more of it. It is up to you, up to the audience and many, many ways to say we want to be part of this, because if view is not there, there is no point to make it. We make the first one and you say: "yes, we want more” then we make another one. It is about any show - be it „Game of thrones” or any number of shows. You don’t know if something is going to be popular, you just choose the vision, choose the story and make it the best you can make it.

KM: Did something in your life change after „Game of thrones”?

JM: Nothing! (laughing) My life hasn’t changed really very much. I’m pretty steady.

KM: I have to ask about your cooperation with Agnieszka Holland during the „Mr. Jones”. How  was it? What do you think about working with her?

JM: I like Agnieszka a lot! She is formidable, strong, powerful, extremely intelligent and she is a real artist. When she says „yes”, it’s „yes”. When she says „no”…

KM: It’s „no”! (laughing)

JM: (laughing)

KM: What’s the difference between her and other directors you know?

JM: Every director is different just as the humans are different from each other. Everybody is vastly different in a way they approach things and how they see things. Yes, there are some similarities for a lot of directors. Agnieszka is incredibly visual and watches very carefully and sees every detail. She’s a real artist.

KM: After these huge productions would you like to play in independent films?

JM: I love independent films and television. I will always do whatever comes my way that I like and I am really interested about, but I’m in other position when I still audition. I meet for jobs. I receive the script and if I really enjoy the script, I will do my very best to get involved for the story.

KM: Ok, so at the end when we have known each other better, I would like to come back to the first question: who will rule the Westeros? I promise, I won’t tell a soul!

JM: (laughing) I can’t tell you!

KM: So at least reveal for who do you keep your fingers crossed?

JM: Of course for my family. (laughing)

Kinga Majchrzak