fot. kadr z filmu

Record prizes, over a hundred films screened in various location in the city, stars of the silver screen and small screens – this is how the coming week is going to look like. Fans of fringe cinema are getting hyped as the great independent cinema feast begins in Cracow – it’s time for Mastercard OFF CAMERA.

Joanna Barańska

Once again on between April and May film fans meet in Cracow to celebrate independent cinema together. The 12th edition of the Mastercard OFF CAMERA Festival has officially begun.

What do we do with the 13?

The opening gala was traditionally held in the Kijów Cinema and hosted by Marcin Prokop and Magda Miśka-Jackowska who started the event with some truly dark humour. Miśka-Jackowska announced that the Festival will not be held next year what resulted with voices of concern amongst the audience. The journalist then added that next year will be the 13th time the Festival is organized and thirteen means bad luck. But fear not, film fans! The Festival is taking place, but in 2020 we will invite you to the 14 edition.

Szymon Miszczak, the Director of the Mastercard OFF CAMERA Festival, and Anna Trzebiatowska, Program Director, gave special thanks to the viewers for coming. ‘You are the most important ones, and without you the Festival would not be taking place.’ – said Miszczak – ‘We thank you for your presence, especially now as this year is truly special to use. We have joined the elite ranks of film festivals sponsored by Mastercard.’

‘We are glad to be able to bring such special films to Cracow. The awards we present contribute to great things.’ – added Trzebiatowska.

OFF as part of Cracow

This year’s Festival means over 100 films shown during screenings organized in various locations all over Cracow. The hosts highlighted that OFF CAMERA has already become a part of the city. This was only confirmed by Jacek Majchrowski, the President of Cracow.

We see each other for the 12th time, and the Festival continues being superb. It shows films by young, rebellious makers who speak of disturbing, but important matters. The elite of the cinema world comes to Cracow and adjusts to this rebellious mood.’ – said president Majchrowski.

Record prizes

The gala hosts pointed out that the total worth of awards presented during all Festival editions already amounts to PLN 9m, and will exceed 10 million this year. The news was a good moment to mention this year’s titular sponsor. Marcin Klimkowicz, Mastecard’s representative, said that the company has been a partner of the festival already for four years. ‘This year we won the fight to be the titular partner of the Off Camera Festival. We support world cinematography in Cannes or at the Berlinale. We’re truly glad to add OFF Camera to that list.’

Thanks to the support of sponsors, the following awards will be presented during Mastercard OFF CAMERA: ‘Path Finders’ – Main Competition (the winner will receive USD 100,000), the Polish Feature Film Competition (PLN 300,000), prizes for the best actors and actress, and debutee. As every year, the Script Pro award will be presented.