The Mastercard OFF CAMERA Festival has lately entered yet another decade of its existence. Still, the idea behind the event and its mission remain unchanged. We support talented filmmakers from all around the world, and present the best independent international cinema

In the definition of independent cinema, which we use at the Festival, we assume it to be an author’s cinema, a cinema made by artists who are not afraid of challenges and who encourage viewers to go beyond their comfort zones. The American prototype of the native independent cinema was built in opposition to the studio system, and with significantly smaller financial means. It was, however, by no means amateur. By definition, it was to be a cinema less dependent on commercial expectations, algorithms, or the directives of Hollywood producers. In consequence, these are often films left out of the mass distribution, yet worth looking for. We do not have the ambition to revolutionize the film industry. However, we want to support talented artists in making their next films.

ANIA TRZEBIATOWSKA – Art Director of the Mastercard OFF CAMERA International Festival of Independent Cinema